Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Goodness

Kent and I trekked to Cincy on Tuesday to visit with the parents and Jeff. We went to IKEA on Wednesday and I think I found my dream couch. If we get it, I'll post a pic and description. We did buy 8 sconces for $5 each. They are simple and light up. What else can you ask for. The CFL's were the same price as the sconces.

Thursday, we made a circuit of Cincinnati. We started for Kent's aunt and uncles around noon and spent most of the afternoon there. Traditional turkey, mashed potatoes, the famous sweet potato casserole, green beans, corn, cranberry sauce, and more. So delish. Then we went to my aunt and uncles for more turkey, potatoes, etc, etc. A good day of eating.

Today, Jeff, Kent and I drove to Athens. Kent was invited to watch the OU football game from the president's viewing room. Although, I am not the biggest OU football fan, I did hear there would be food. Plus, if I am going to watch a football game in this weather, it sure as hell better inside where it's warm.

THE best reason to go to an OU football game. The marching 110.

We moved also moved stuff into the house. This includes the fridge, bed, and dressers. The fold out couch is in the Meistersized-bedroom (that means little for those out of the loop) so Jeff will have a cozy place to sleep. (He is right above the fire for crying out loud.) We also put a desk and small dresser in there last week.

After going to the local Mexican restaurant for dinner, we are relaxing by the fire. It's only 9 but feels much later. Maybe I can convince these guys to hit the hay early.

Tomorrow, we are off again to Maryland to see Keith, Pam and Kyle. More driving but worth it.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

getting closer

We had a bit of a lull in the way of getting things done on the house, but since I had this week off from school work, progress has resumed.

Last weekend started with the prepping of the floors for the finish. We chose to use a new polyurethane product made from whey, the byproduct of cheese. This lowers the VOC's in the product and no it doesn't smell like cheese in our house. We applied the stuff with a 10" wool cloth and the job went quick. So fast I only got these few pictures of Kent. Well, really it was a two person job. I would pour the stuff on the floor and then Kent would spread it on. We sanded and swept and applied it again for a second coat. We'll apply another coat or two.

Kent, stirring the goo.

Application was easy peasy.

This week, Danny and I installed most of the kitchen. We transferred the IKEA cabinets from the old house into the new after Danny built the base for them. Then it was time to build the support platform for the counter. We are using some old tile that we found at the Habitat store in Lancaster. They are terra cotta tiles made in Italy with an elaborate pattern on them. It's a bit ornate for our humble home, but we like them enough.

Here's the kitchen in progress.

As it stands today.

Now if only the plumber/electrician would show up to hook everything up.