Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Random House photos

Since the weather is frickin' cold, we haven't done anything on the house.  And I know you are all jonesin' for an update.  So here are some photos taken over the last month or so.  But before that, I have to say Mother Nature, Gaia, or whoever is being a real bitch right now.  70 degrees a week ago and in the 20's now.  Not cool.  There is snow on the ground from 2 days ago.  Not much snow, have you, but the fact is that it is sticking around.  What ever happened to a gradual entry into winter.  

Okay, I had to get that out.  

Here is Kent during the digging spree.  Yeah, shovels!  Which reminds me, there still is digging to do to find the sewer line... ughhhh.  

PJ working the chop saw.  vrrrooommm.  Or rather ssscccrreeeeeeecchh as it cuts the wood.

Totally posed picture.  But I do work a bit in there, and most of it is good.  I am especially good at starting things.  Since I have to leave for work everyday around 11:30, the boys usually finish the projects I start.  And they don't have to redo that much of my work.

 Maybe this should be my facebook pic. hmmmm.

Friday, November 14, 2008


This week we put up the beams that run down the middle of the house and will provide support for the joists.  These red oak beams will be exposed so care had to be taken to not scratch the wood.  Below, you can see the contraption we built just to lift the beam.  

(Insert funny tagline here)

Once the top beam was in place with a temporary support under it, we took the measurement for the permanent support beam.   We cut it, applied the little base to be able to nail it to the floor and up it goes.

and up...
Almost there...

Light at the end of the tunnel...


Finished product (just like in the shows, looks like it happened in an hour, when in actuality it was the next day.)  Notice, too, the joists above.

As you can see, the one beam has been sanded and finished, but the other 2 still need the finishing.  Homework for the weekend.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

More on the house

Somehow, this past week didn't seem to be as exciting as the past few.  I think because putting in a whole deck seems like a bigger accomplishment than digging a hole and filling it with concrete and block.  But nevertheless, it's all progress.  Even if half of your work gets buried.  

Here is the ol' ditch, filled with concrete and block.  Ready for the walls.  

We are also getting the joists ready.  PJ and I streamlined the processing of these 2x12's on Friday.  He was sanding and routing them, after which I applied the linseed oil.  We got the majority of them done before I had to go to work at noon.  Check out the grain on these yellow pine 12 footers.  

The major beams that are going to hold up those yellow pine joists are pictured below.  They are oak cut and milled locally.  The beam on the right has been sanded and oiled.  The left one isn't oiled yet, so you can see how the oil will bring out the grain.  So pretty...

If you aren't familiar with Fast Orange, it is soap that many mechanics use.  It is gritty to get the oil and grease off your hands. I love it, too,  after working in the garden.... it gets all the ground-in dirt off of your hands.  The pump below is now stationed in the kitchen, since we are using daily.  It's a sign of hard work when you get to use the orange. 

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Digging, digging, digging...

With the weather so nice, we are getting the outside jobs done. That means digging.  We are putting a small addition onto the front of the garage, so that means more footers.  More footers means digging.  Thankfully, I haven't had to do much of it.  PJ, our trusty young worker, has been breaking his back, and Kent, too, has done a lot of work. Not only are we (or they) digging through that lousy clay famous in these parts, but the asphalt driveway as well.  

Here is Kent with the mattock tearing up the driveway.  

He's a strong boy.  See his veins poppin' out.  Okay, so it's not the greatest shot.  Take my word for it.  He's strong, for a skinny boy.

This ditch is about 32 linear feet and then 2 feet deep, or more.  That's a lot of digging.  Anyone need any dirt...

Tomorrow, the cement truck comes, and the footers shall be poured.  Then the block will be laid, and the walls can be built.  Excitement abounds!

Monday, November 03, 2008

VOTE !!!


Lo and I want to say....

Here is a friendly reminder to vote.  Many of you have already fulfilled your civic responsibility, but for those of you who have not, please find time to get to the voting booth and let your voice be heard.

Who-ever you support... cast your vote.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Fall 2008

Hello to all. 

Here are some pics from yesterday at work.  Lori has been diligently posting about our building project, which is terribly exciting for us.  We are looking forward to having a new living space that is better insulated with thick walls, new-safe electrical wiring, better lighting with passive solar heating, and normal sized ceilings.  

Here is a quick update about the house...followed by some pics of Fall in Athens and Halloween at the Bassett House.

Danny started working on the steps, which will lead up to the second floor.  PJ and Lori did some digging, preparing for a concrete footer as well as looking for our existing sewer line.  I managed to do a little bit of work earlier in the week, nailing in a few studs and running to the lumberyard for materials.  Our next projects include the following: applying a layer of protection/treatment to the deck, raising the interior rafters/ceiling joyce supports - which are huge!!! 6" x 8" by 9'feet long, solid red-oak beams.  Once those guys are in place, we can span the building with our 2" x 12" by 16' foot ceiling yellow-pine joyce.  

Here is a pic of Bassett House, in the background.

Bright oak leaves...

RoseAnn as one of the Pink-ladies from Greece.

KB - Gangsta for Halloween.