Monday, August 24, 2009

Ohio Tour

Hello to all!

Lori and I returned safely from our long weekend travels around the state of Ohio.  Our trip was a whirlwind frenzy of visits with family and friends.  

Whenever Lori and I spend time on the road in Ohio, especially when we go from one end of the state to the other, I am reminded of my 7th grade trip, Ohio Tour.  Our school loaded up charter buses and sent us off on a historical trip around Ohio.  We visited president's houses, the state capital - Columbus, OSU campus, Thomas Edison's home, and a historic village or two.  I also recall a wicked sock-ball fight in the hotel room, in which my fellow deviants and I threw smelly balled-up-socks back and forth at each other.  We were big fans of dodgeball in gym class, and had tons of energy to burn off at night, after spending so much time sitting on the bus.   

I digress... Lori and I drove to Cincinnati Thursday after work, and visited with her Brother Jeff, who was in from Italy, and Linda & Barry.  Jeff experienced another mishap with his luggage, which was left in Rome by the airline.  Ridiculous.  Lori, Jeff and I ran an errand or two together, then popped over to her grandma Nonna's house for a short visit.  I think that Jeff should win an award for hooking up a new DVD player to Nonna's TV in record time.  ...and he had the remote figured out too.  Friday night, Lori and I drove up to West Chester, north of Cincy, for my Aunt Peggy and Uncle Sterlin's 50th wedding Anniversary.  I had a good time visiting with extended family and catching up with my cousins, who I had not seen in forever.  The celebration was held at a nice country club, which served a buffet style dinner that included pasta with choices of sauces: pesto, marinara, and alfredo.  There was also a taco station. ?!?  with a big bowl of guac.

Saturday morning we drove like mad up I-71 from Cincy to Cleveland for Jen and Jed Thomas' wedding.  The wedding was in Broadview Heights, and the reception was down town at Windows on the River, which is in the same building as the Improv and Rock Bottom Brewery.  Again, it was great to catch up with friends, dance, and eat yummy food.  I had not been down town in a long time and I enjoyed seeing the flats, the Cuyahoga river, the bridges, and Cleveland skyline.  Years ago, when I was in high school, we would take fieldtrips down town with our Art Club.  Cliff Novak, my art teacher, loved down town, and relished taking us there for photography, painting and drawing.  

Sunday, we spent some time with Bill and Pat in their Fairport Harbor home.  Lori and I entertained the idea of sneaking in a quick swim at the beach on Lake Erie, but it was too too too cold.  Surprising for August.  We caught up with my folks, read the Sunday Cleveland Plain Dealer (always a treat to read a big-city paper).... and then hit the road back to Athens.

Safe travels.  No hiccups.  Photos soon.     

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mid-August update

Hello - Kent here...

We continue to tackle the building process, one board at a time.  Sometimes, it is one nail at a time, or one cut at a time.  

I think about the house project often, and want to tackle new, daily projects....however, life often dictates the tempo.  I am not always able to give the house the attention I would like too.... For example,  today, I had good intentions to leave work a little early, and jump into finishing up the drywall.  We  are preparing for Brian, the dry-wall finisher, to work on the upstairs bedrooms tomorrow.  However, at work A few things were out of my hands today, of which I had to address.  Thus postponing my departure from work.   I did manage to get home in time to work for a couple of hours before my 5:30 meeting of the Athens Municipal Arts Commission (AMAC) meeting.  

The house is looking more and more like a house, as my neighbor Jim C. has been known to say recently.  

Here are some more pics of the place.  In this picture you can see that we have introduced some organic curves to the place, to help break up the linear aspect.  We installed or cut out an arched doorway, along with an arched inset, which will either be a bookshelf / art display.

ps Lori had a new idea for a blog...titled "You always do this to me..."

Here are a few examples of this mythical blog:
A) You always forget to re-insert the flash-card into the camera after you are done downloading the I helplessly and ineffectively attempt to take pictures.

B) You always lose your wallet or keys and I have to help you retrace your steps to find them.

C) You always move by stuff...around the house,  and I can't find it.

Friday, August 07, 2009


With the insulation done the next step is hanging drywall. To me, this isn't so bad. Remember when your geometry teacher said you would need geometry. Well, this is it. Squares and rectangles are nothing until you get to the stairway and angles enter the picture. But I liked it! Not that I was great at it, but it sure beats slinging a hammer. Of course, I hear the mudding and taping is the nasty part of drywall. Good thing we're going to farm that out!

Here I am making a skilled cut with the saw.

Too bad Kent's bicep is covered as he flexes it to insert a drywall screw.

This shot is a close up of the insulation. I love how it just packs right in there. And stays. This beautiful gray stuff is going to keep us toasty warm this winter.

If you're in the neighborhood, stop by and we'll let you help out on the latest project!