Sunday, November 21, 2010

More of the same

Two weeks later and we are still putting up the siding. Only now we are into the "danger zone". With the help of Tim K, Jason W, Charlie C, Tony X, Krista D, Paul T, Tom H, and Jim K (gee I hope I got everyone) we are well into the second floor of the house. Today, neighbor Tony got out his climbing gear and we roped in. It was incredible. We had ropes running through the house and out the windows. We hooked into those and pounded away. We stayed up there while Charlie handed us up the next row of siding. There is the small roof to stand on but it is not that big, somewhat steep and made of metal. The metal makes it a bit slippery too. So we tied off and made a day of it.
Hey Tony, that's one helluva way to hammer a nail.
We can take on the world!
Overall, there are some pretty funny shananingans going on and I wish I could get video or photos from it, but the truth is, we tend to need all hands on deck. So there just isn't a time to get it out. Hence the week and no pictures. But we did bust it out today and made sure we got a few of Tony and I up on the roof.
The end is in sight, and I hope the weather holds out. We have been very lucky lately. Which reminds me, I should check the forecast.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Lookie lookie

We are taking huge steps towards the advancement of our project we like to call our home. It's called siding. And we are finally putting it up. This weekend, we had a few friends over on Sunday to help out with the project. Kent and I had started a bit on Wednesday after work, but were only able to get a few sheets up. But it was a good start in the sense that we were able to get the starter strips up and see how it is to work with this material. We splurged and purchased the guillotine to cut the fibrous cement siding and I think it is going to pay off. As I mentioned in the earlier post, we borrowed some shears and grinder from a friend. The shears will come in handy for cutting around windows and the like, but the guillotine is awesome. No dust. Easy cut. And clean cut too.

Here's Kent and Jim putting up siding on the west facing wall. We started here because it is the least visible side. We figured if we mess up, less likely to see it.

I took this photo from Rick's old bedroom window.

Bye Bye Tyvek. (Okay, so the whole house isn't done. Not even close. But it will look good once it is, and this is a little teaser.)