Sunday, January 02, 2011

Another weekend of work, but that's good.

Sunday night. 7:45 PM. And I am bushed.

Came home from work on Friday to find Kent on the ladder putting up siding. I helped him with the last few pieces before our neighbor came over and convinced us to go to the nearby elementary school playground. It was 60 degrees and about an hour of daylight left. He convinced us that we needed some play time.

So we grabbed the frisbee, he brought his skateboard, and off to the school we went. It's just down the street a bit and we relished the ability to walk in sneakers instead of boots and not wear a heavy coat.

Tony took to the smooth concrete on the skateboard, and we started throwing on the field before we decided to up the stakes a bit. We tried to throw the disc between various metal bars on the monkey bars but turned out to be a bad idea. After a few hard hits on the metal bars, the frisbee decided it had had enough. It split. Okay, on to the next game.

Someone left a soccer ball on the field, so we started kicking that around. Man, I haven't done that in a while. Surprised I didn't pull a muscle, but all came out fine. Tony joined us, too, and we just kept it simple. Short, soft passes to each other. After enough of that we used the playground items properly and climbed around like we were nine again. But I'm not, and my hands couldn't take the hanging from those tiny bars. Yowzers, I remember getting callouses right where my hands now hurt. Eh, it was fun anyway.

Getting dark and time to head home. The neighbors were coming over for pizza and midnight madness, so I needed to prepare. It was a fun night with everyone, though low key.

Kent went to work for a bit on Saturday and I took the opportunity to clean the house somewhat thoroughly. Somewhat, because I didn't do the bathrooms. I had meant to but I forgot and then noticed when I brushed my teeth that night. Oh well, it will have to wait. I also got into putting up shelves in the closet downstairs. The framing is open inside the closet so I installed some pieces of wood to make shelves for my canning projects. I canned 27 jars of tomatoes this year and now I have a handy place to store them. The chest freezer, that is full of other veggies I preserved from the fall, is also in this closet so it is my handy place to store my preserved produce. I also put up a bunch of hooks in there too, for hanging our (mostly my) bags.

This is the closet under the steps. I put in shelves between the stud framing. Not unique, I know, but helpful nonetheless.

Sunday was siding again. And boy did we make use of the sunshine. We got out there before 10 AM and continued straight through to sunset. We took a short break for food around 1:30, but the good news is that the whole west side is now done. That was the toughest side because the peak is probably 25-30 feet in the air and we don't really have the best ladders for the job and the ground on that side is super uneven. I don't even want to go into our getups for this because our mothers read this and they don't need to know. Just know that all went well!

That's Kent. Waaaaayyyyy up there on the ladder.

So close.

So only the north-side of the house left to side. Should be done by 2012, right?!