Thursday, September 24, 2009

Getting things done

Busy week so far.

We put down pink foam insulation and wood strips in preparation for laying the floor.

Below is a picture of Kenny Meeks, the guy who milled the flooring for us. He also sold us the flooring for the upstairs. Meeks lumber is located on the Athens/Meigs County border. It's a pretty neat setup if you ever want to check out a lumber mill. 

We got the floor down in two days with the help of Piper and his amazing hammer contraption. I can't explain it and if I get a photo I'll post. Let's just say that this floor went down waaaayyyyyy quicker than the upstairs. Now we just need to sand and polyurethane. 

The electricity has been hooked up. Woo hoo! Now we have pick out lighting fixtures. That is a pain. I am growing to hate deciding on design features. Maybe because they all cost money. And I am a cheapskate.

The brick wall behind the woodstove is finished. (Okay, that was done last week.)

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Here are some pics of the house...specifically - 

The pic above is a close up of our new pine-trim around one of the windows upstairs.  Lori and Danny worked on the windows, and they have a coat of water based polyurethane.  It dries quickly, and does not have an odor.  


Kent bringing in bricks.

This pic shows some of the progress of the living room / wood stove and brick work that we have begun.  The walls are have been painted, after the drywall was taped and mud...    The wood stove will be placed on the brick floor in the corner, with good old used Athens Block bricks acting as a heat sink.

Close up of Kent stacking bricks....Athens Block recycled and given a new life.  We love the variation in colors, reds and deep purples.  

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

House and more

Hello to all-

This weekend was filled with nice weather and fun visits from some friends of ours.  

We had visits from Doug, Gina and Owen, who had been vacationing down south, and stopped by to see their friends in Athens, including Beth and Andy and Sophia...we also received a visit from Dennis Miller, mechanic/woodworker/ Triumph motorcycle guru ...Lori's oldest brother Keith and his wife Pam and their son Kyle also stopped by en-route to their home in Maryland after visiting Lori's parents and friends in Cincinnati. 
Included in this email are some pics... and interestingly enough, as I write this email, I am watching a PBS brief on the history of digital media, including a discussion of the KODAK company.  Kodak engineers designed the first digital camera in 1976, and sat on the technology.  ...not wanting to cut into their own profit of film. 

So here are some pics:  

Aaron and his daughter Kylie shortly after Jed and Jen were married....waiting on the photographer and formal picture taking...

Our buddy Jim helping us find a wire that got buried by the drywall, with his metal detector...

 Kent and Lori, with the new couple Jed and the reception which was held downtown Cleveland, The Flats.