Sunday, October 31, 2010

News to you

Last weekend we had a fundraiser at the farm to celebrate all things farm, fall, and fun. Part of the festivities was a photo booth that featured farm implements and accessories and Kent and had fun taking the photo below. All in all the event was a success in money raised and smiles had.

As for the house, Kent has finished the trim on the inside and outside windows. We are in the process of putting the siding up by finishing the corner trim and other prep work. It was a gorgeous day today and we spent most of it outside working on this prep. We borrowed a saw from a contractor friend that cuts the fibrous cement board that we purchased. I was cutting strips with it for the starter row and let me tell you it is one hell of a dusty, messy job. I was wearing a respirator, safety glasses and ear protection and I still could tell it was entering my body. That stuff is so dusty (and unhealthy) when cut. Luckily, we won't have to deal with that too much. We splurged and bought a guillotine style cutting device that won't be nearly as messy for the majority of the cutting. But because I had to cut them in strips the long way, this was my only option. I tried to breathe in, cut, exhale, cut, breathe in cut, exhale, cut, and so on. I am not partial to this process already.

Other exciting news (this is very exciting for our neighbors) is that we have blinds on almost all of the windows. They are double celled and should provide a bit of insulating value. I got them online from and I highly recommend this site. Easy to install and quick. Just a few more to go and the whole house will be done. These things are expensive, so I have to buy a few at a time. My version of the installment plan.

This past weekend was Halloween here in Athens. We played a little frisbee, had some friends spend the night, and kept it pretty chill. The cold nights have enticed me to light the woodstove up, which is nice in a way. I love the ambiance of it, and Kent and I tend to read in the evenings by the fire. Very relaxing. The luster of the fire hasn't been lost yet, and I hope it lasts for a while.

Kent's big news is that he bought an iphone. It is used, so it's not the latest and greatest. I suppose he got a good deal, but I just hope he doesn't become so attached to it. Although, I am glad he got something. His old phone couldn't hold a charge and therefore had to be plugged in when you talked to him. That's not much of a mobile phone.

Happy Halloween.