Friday, March 26, 2010

The last four months

We brought in a new decade with friends at the new house. Played games, ate good food, and stayed up past midnight.

Started a new term. Kent in his second term of serving on city council, Lori in her third term in grad school.

Winter months found Kent installing trim (a neverending job). Lori co-coordinated OHIO's efforts in the RecycleMania competition. Lori also continued her efforts of increasing food security in Athens by planning a fruit tree planting for this spring.

We heated with wood the entire winter. No other source of heat was used. We were very comfortable. The snowy winter got us out on the sleds and Lori even learned to snowboard with the help of her neighbor, Tony. The small hills of Athens are perfect to learn on.

March came, and so did spring. Garden is started. A lemon tree and tangerine tree were added to the orchard. These will stay indoors in the winter, but will thrive outside in our hot, sunny summers.

Frisbee reunion in Cincy brought friends together once again. Met some new additions which is always nice. Laughed for about 12 hours straight.

This spring we hope to continue work on the house. Siding needs to go up, trim continued, and kitchen finished. Though everything is very livable and we have enjoyed the comfort so far.

Also this spring, Lori hopes to finish school and find a job. Kent hopes to finish the house and play more frisbee.

Joy to all.