Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Game time, woo

In the spirit of the holiday, I've posted a picture of one of the many Athens County Cemetaries, and I'm going to let you, the viewer, try to guess where it is. You can leave your guesses in the comment section of this blog.

If noone guesses today, you can check back to this post tomorrow for a hint. But come on people, just make a guess. I'll throw in a prize for the first right answer. Maybe...

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Inside out

Jeff has "tagged" this blog to write on a topic that he recently wrote about, and that is "what's inside our refrigerator". So here is a picture. Keep in mind that we just returned from being out of town for 5 days.

So what is all that stuff?
Top shelf:Soy milk, apple cider, juice, pickles, yogurt, olives, peanut butter and jelly.
Second shelf: Cheese drawer (philly, cheddar, swiss), salsa, bread, tortillas
Third shelf: Lacroix, soy milk, tortillas, apples, eggs
Crisper drawers: sweet potatoes, parsley, red peppers, tomatoes
Door shelves: condiments, condiments, and more condiments. Looks like 3 different mustards, flax seeds, hot sauce (Angel would be proud), echinacea in the eye dropper bottle, blueberry concentrate next to that, and some sort of chocolate power gel/gu stuff that Kent "eats".

There is also ginger in a bottle, tomato paste, molasses and who knows what else. This a good exercise in that it will make you look at your fridge and see if there is anything that has been in there for years and may be time to get rid of.

What's in your refrigerator????

Monday, October 29, 2007

The Return

We are back from our adventures south. My Ultimate team competed in the National Championship Tournament in Sarasota Florida. We didn't do so well, but hey, we made it right?! We did win a few games on Saturday, one of which was a come from behind victory against a team we had lost to on Thursday. I was happy with my play, especially on offense. I did get a layout D, though, so I wasn't too slack in my Defense.

Kent took a lot of pictures, but I don't have them yet. He took the camera to work today, so I can't download anything. Plus, I'm too tired to write much more.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Fall leaves...and Ultimate?

Here's a few more pictures from yesterday's hike.

A few thoughts from KENT....
I particularly like this photo of Lori. We took a number of shots similar to this, and two of them turned out well. To get this effect, I lowered the shutter speed to about 1/60 and zoomed in (simultaneously) as I snapped the shutter button. Try it at home. It works well with still - life or people. It can be a little gimmicky, so I try not to overdue it.

PS --
I will be cheering on Lori as her team competes in the UPA fall Nationals. We will be traveling south this week... If possible, we will post some photos, comments, and observations about Nationals and this years quest for a new champion. Unfortunately, my team did not qualify. We lost a heartbreaker in the game to go. The loss does not sit well with me.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fall Hike

Kent and I took my advice and went for a hike this weekend. We did a simple walk up to the ridges. They have added a new trail that is a mental health walk, however we opted to take the usual hike up to radar hill. The colors were bright, the temperature was around 70, and the sky was clear blue. It did not feel like October 21.

This photo was taken from the track, looking up at the hills of the ridges.

This is the road leading up to the trail that takes us to radar hill.

A little history for those unfamiliar with "the Ridges" at Ohio University. It began as the Athens Lunatic Asylum in 1872 and carried other such names as Athens Hospital for the Insane, Athens Asylum for the Insane, Athens State Hospital, and Athens Mental Health Center. The property was acquired by OU in the 1980's and the facilities were moved to a new building near O'bleness Hospital in the early 90's. I remember when I was a sophomore at OU going up to the ridges with a few friends and walking around. There were still inmates residing up there, but apparently it was okay to walk around. Apparently it was not okay to take pictures (because of the privacy issue) But we didn't know that. A friend had a camera and we were snapping away. A guard approached us and asked if we were taking pictures. Afraid he would confiscate the camera, we promptly lied. He believed us, or didn't care, because he didn't take the camera. But we didn't take anymore pictures.

The cool thing about this facility is that in its heyday it was mostly self sufficient. It had orchards and gardens, 2 dairy barns, hay fields for cows and horses, and a coal fired heating plant. The patients, who could, worked in the fields and gardens and provided for themselves. The other fascinating feature of this area is a park that I've never seen in person because it was torn up to channel the Hocking River through. This park contained ponds and gardens designed by the same guy who designed Central Park in New York. (at least that is the rumor) So there you have it. The Ridges all summed up.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

As autumn descends upon us...

it's nice to reflect on the summer and remember the days of sun and warmth.

I came across this picture when I was cleaning up the desktop. This years Poultry Days was a blast. Wonderful people and great weather made it a memorable one. Even the late night partyers didn't bother me as much. And just look at the this good lookin' group of people.

Maybe next year, we'll have some of the other usuals back (Stacey, Eli, Rob, Tall Jon) Then we'll be unstoppable!

If you in Ohio today or tomorrow, get out and take a walk. The leaves are a-changing.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Inside view of new window

We just finished the inside of the window, so I wanted to post some shots of that process.

After taking out the window, Danny cut a bigger hole to accomodate the new window.

Danny built the window frame in his woodshop and then brought it over to our house. I helped him put the frame and window glass in place and secure it all together.

That was the end of Danny's help, as we decided to finish the project ourselves. We repainted the wall with some leftover paint from Angel's own home updates. I really like the green, or maybe it's just the fact that it look new. We also had to jimmyrig the paneling as there wasn't alot for it to be secured to. It's amazing what plaster and spray foam can do.

Now we have a beautiful view as we eat dinner. And I can watch out for those pesky deer. If only hunting were legal in the city limits...

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Homecoming success

Both the Volleyball and Football teams came out on top this weekend for the Homecoming festivities. The football game reminded me of the Bengals-Browns game a few weeks ago, all offense. Not that I watched either game, but the scoring was high, so I am assuming there wasn't much defense. OU Volleyball, on the other hand, was all offense as they won the match in 3 games to zip. They rock.
It's been a beautiful weekend here in Athens. Warm and sunny. Hope all is well wherever you are.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Everyone loves a parade

It's homecoming at Ohio University and you know what that means!!! Yeah, traffic in Athens is a b*tch. And then you add the parade...

But what a great chance to see the band and of course a chance to campaign for your favorite politician. Kent walked with the College Democrats and supported Paul Wiehl and Pat Lang. The are the only contested races this November. But check out these fun photos of the parade this year.

A prize to the person who can identify the woman in the picture below