Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Where have you been?

Every day Kent asks me if I blog. I respond by asking if he blogged. Maybe the lack of progress on the house hasn't inspired us. So I'll report the other events in our lives.

We attended another murder mystery party. This one had the theme of pirates, spanish royalty, and native tribesman. Once again, I was the murderer. In fact, both Kent and I murdered the fella. I acted first with poison and Kent followed with a stabbing. My character was a doctor for the pirate ship. Kent was spanish royalty trying to woo the governors daughter. If you notice in the photo below, Kent is a bit revealing. If you remember our other murder mystery party we went to for New Years, a 70's theme, Kent was also showing off the chest hairs. It could become a tradition where we attend theme parties. I am the murderer and Kent opens up his shirt. Goodness.

Ahoy Matey! Come with me on me ship the Scurvy Nave.

About a week later, a blessed event occurred. MY BIRTHDAY!  YEAH!!!

We started the day at Village Bakery with some friends, but then went into work mode. But I can't remember what we did. Apparently we didn't take pictures so I can't remember. I think we finished part of the roof. This roof is taking forever. Cross your fingers and it hope it will be done by next week.

Then we can have sleepovers.

The gang at VB.