Sunday, October 25, 2009

This one's for you.

I know. You've missed our ramblings and photo documentation of our house building project. I hope this post lives up to the long hiatus.

Yesterday, Kent's parents stopped for a visit on their way home from SC to Cleveland. The visit was short, since they couldn't find a hotel in Athens due to Parents' Weekend at OU. We made the most of it with a home cooked dinner and fireside chats in the new digs. We also had a pumpkin carving fest with the neighbs.

Here is a contemplative Courtney eyeing the possibilities of the empty canvas that is the pumpkin.

Kent and Pops enjoying the fire. It wasn't that cold, but a fire is still novel to us, so we build them all the time. Plus, if you have seen our yard, you would understand why.

Kent with the folks.

Tony made an ode to Pinhead pumpkin. I don't like horror flicks, so I can only imagine that this is a good likeness.

Random bathroom shot. The upstairs john is fully functioning. And to think of it, so is the downstairs (though it doesn't have a door.)

We don't have hot water, but if you are lucky, we will by halloween.

Oh what a fright, when thy pumpkins rule thy night. (Insert your own scary HAHAHA AH AHA HAHAAA.)

Chillaxin' on the couch. This could be you, if you come play Halloween in Athens.

Pumpkin guts. MMMMM good.

The folks again.

Happy Halloween in case we don't see all our lovely friends this year!

(Play Ultimate.)