Saturday, May 22, 2010

Post from home

I am writing this from my brother's new iPad. It is my first attempt at typing with this type of keypad. The difference I fInd is that you have to keep your fingers above the keypad. There is no resting. That is hard. I suppose it could make your wrists stronger. I suppose we will find out. Also. I have to look at the keypad. I can't lOok at the screen late all.

Kay this paragraph I am only looking ate etch a screen. And we wil, asde how I type, okY not So food.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Me again

House is moving along as Kent continues to put up trim. It's not so exciting, but I did include a picture for you. This is the little cutout we put in as you go up the steps to the second floor. We are going to put art in there or make it a bookshelf.

He also put up some of the lighting we bought at IKEA. Again, another picture because it is oh so interesting.

We had a visit from Doug and Gina and Sammy and Owen AND COLBY and BELLA! They were in town for the day seeing friends. I had to include this picture of Colby. I didn't even recognize him with that haircut. He looks like a handsome young pup now, as opposed to his distinguished look with the long hair. Hard to believe he is seven. It was a great visit, I think Owen is going to start associating our household with naturaly oddities since he saw a praying mantis last time he visited and the "caged birds" this time.

On the school front, I will be graduating this June, so if you know of any jobs available in the athens region let me know!

Other than that things are going well. The garden is coming in (hopefully the berries will not be ravished by the birds) and we are all in good health.

If you are in the neighborhood, stop by for a visit.