Sunday, September 05, 2010

Quick update

I am waiting for the laundry machine to finish so that I can hang the clothes up to dry. While I wait, I thought I would write a quick update.

Newest news, I guess, is that I, Lori, am working for Americorps VISTA now. It's a one year position and my site is the Good Earth Farm. They are located about a mile from my house on the bike path, so it's an easy commute. The farm grows food for the local food pantries and soup kitchens. They also operate as an educational farm. It is only in it's third year, so things are rapidly expanding. Besides the produce, they also have two dairy cows, a bunch of chickens for eggs, four pigs, bees, and some goats and lambs for fleece. It is quite lovely.

My main task is to get volunteers out to the farm. The farm uses organic and sustainable agricultural methods which means labor intensive. And since it is small scale, there isn't any machinery that would be appropriate to use. Right now, everything is hand dug and hoed.

The house was a bit stagnant for a while because we didn't have any wood to finish the trim. We finally got that, and Kent is working on that. I put in a closet rod and shelves in the mud room to clean that up a bit. We still need to order siding. It's really a matter of time.

Kent is still doing the same old thing. Counseling and counciling.

No big trips planned right now. Too poor and too much to do around here. But that is okay, because there is so much to do here. And it is fall in Athens. Gotta love it.

Time to hang the laundry...