Sunday, June 12, 2011

One down, one to go.

This is another summer of weddings and I, Lori, have been asked to officiate two, both of which are on the beach. One of which I completed this past weekend, the other will be in a month in Florida.

We went to Ocean Isle Beach in North Carolina where the water was glorious and the house was kick ass. Staying on the beach was awesome. The wedding was right outside our door, the reception at the beach house next door and we shared the place with a crew of OU frisbee alums which made it for fantastic times and nonstop laughs.

We cruised into town late Wednesday night after hitching a ride with Meister. Waking up Thursday called for a run to stretch the tight legs, but then it was all beach, all day. It has been a long time since I have been able to spend quality time at the ocean and I milked every minute of it. Thursday night meant rehearsal and dinner. This was my first time working with a wedding planner and I have to say I liked it. In the past, I have had to run that part of the show, but this let me off. I just followed orders. Easy peasy.

Friday was more fun in the ocean and hanging out with friends, but confusion over the start time made for interesting planning for the day. Also I was mic'ed for the ceremony which saved me from shouting over the roaring waves to be heard. Wedding and reception went well, food was delicious. Plus if we got tired, or wanted to change, we could go to our beach house next door and get comfortable. Then go out again for dancing and merrimaking. Truly convenient.

As if we didn't get enough of each other the whole mess of us (Mahoneys, Breglias, Prudiches, and Meister) drove to the Prudich's for more socializing where we were met by the Halsmers. (It was also a way to split of the driving back to Ohio.)

Here are a few phots from the weekend. Kent has more on his iphone and maybe I will get those some day.

Tim and Connor on the beach.

Adrienne before the wedding.

The ladies of the wedding party

The ceremony