Wednesday, February 29, 2012


It happened. We finally broke down and had cable installed. The big day was Monday. Kent took the morning off to wait the the cable guy to arrive between 8 and noon. Can't be too specific that would diminish the reputation of the industry that they are reliable. Fortunately, the gentleman did arrive between said time. Of course the thought of putting another hole in our beautifully crafted house is traumatizing to both of us yet compromise was made and as promised I can barely tell there is anything there.

What I noticed was my own thought pattern. When I got home from I couldn't help but think that I needed to get my money's worth and watch tv all night. Is that odd or not? Please tell me. I haven't had cable in seventeen years. Perhaps that is the unintended consequence. I decided to watch tv after dinner but the channels were overwhelming. I watched a half hour of an old Family Guy and fifteen minutes of Friends. Then flipped through, turned the cable off and watched my old stand by PBS.

I had to turn off the cable to watch PBS which seems insane but whatever. I have my go to shows on there and will likely stick to that. Except for a few sporting events I don't know if cable will be worth it, time will tell.