Sunday, December 09, 2007


Well, it didn't quite reach 60 degrees today. maybe 40 if we're lucky. But it doesn't matter because the rain has been relentless. We even heard thunder earlier today, which is unusual for December, don't you think.

Kent and I attended 2 basketball games this past week. We watched the men beat St. Bonaventure and Delaware. Both games were somewhat close in the first half, but then OU came out strong in the second and dominated. Which is good, because that means they can play through and finish. As long as they don't dig themselves a deep hole in the first half. Of course, we'll have to see them against some good competition to see how they really measure up. Though, I don't know if they play anyone of consequence prior to the MAC season.

Not that any of it matters until the MAC tournament because the MAC only gets one stinkin' bid to the NCAA, so you need to win that to go anywhere. Which is ridiculous, but I won't rant about that right now.

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