Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Stimulus Check

Woo Hoo! We finally received our stimulus check. Now the economy of Athens will thrive! So now we have to decide how to spend it. Or save it. I must review my list to see my options. Of course, it could go to saving the car. The beemer needs a new transmission. For under a thousand we can get a used one installed. This seems like our best option since, it's hard to find a car as comfy and smooth as the beemer for under a grand. Plus the truck is dead. That's right. Our 1984 Toyota pickup has seen it's last ride. The engine is running great, but the frame has finally rusted through. We will likely scrap it. So if you know anyone who needs a cap for a long bed truck, we'll sell it cheap.

Also, we are making headway on the home front. Details are too ambiguous to explain now, but we've made a breakthrough that we both like. Now we have to see if it's possible.


Jeff said...

Have you looked into selling that motor? And you must keep some part of the truck in remembrance of all the people and good times associated with it. Maybe make part of into a necklace. Kent's artisy.....


Jennifer Simon said...

Hey guys. Is the truck cap still available?