Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

We went to Cincinnati for the Christmas weekend.  Time flew bye as we were able to spend time with lots of friends and family.

Christmas day was spent at Nonna's.  I made her a calendar filled with family photos.  With the help of a friend I scanned some old photos to add to the digital photos we had.  I felt good about it since I was able to include images from 1940 to the present and they featured all of Nonna's family down to the most recent great grand child.  If you ever want to do this, I highly recommend Shutterfly.  They have tons of backgrounds to choose from and many templates also.  BTW, Nonna loved this gift.  Cousins, check it out when you are visiting.  There are some oldie but goodies in there.

Here is Nonna going through the months.

The Friday after Christmas, Kent, Jeff and I picked up Nonna and went to Uncle Joe's new house.  It is fantastic, and Ruth, as always, cooked up a delicious meal.  Plus it was great to see my cousins and their kids.  Jeff, Carolyn and I relived old memories as we tried to assemble the latest Lego set.  Tad and young Joseph helped out too.  The Spongebob Pineapple lasted about 10 minutes before it was crushed by a wondering ball.  After fixing it a couple times I gave up.  It was assembled for a short while and that it satisfaction enough for me.  Although it's fun to build the "set" it is more fun to use the parts and make something else.  I will leave that to the youngens. 

This is Grant eating a cookie.  Isn't he adorable.  Wait a minute, I don't remember seeing any cookies I?... hmmmm.

After enjoying a round of disc golf in the beautiful weather on Saturday, Kent and I visited Roy and Tif.  Let's just say that I love baby Jade's hair.  It sticks straight up no matter what.  I think she is going to be a rock star.

After dinner we played wits and wagers (the game of the year, apparently)  It is pretty darn fun, so play it, if you have a chance.

Kent was playing around with the black and white mode of the camera.  Can you see the hair!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

There may be hope.

And his name in John Groce.  

Yep, it's college basketball season once again.  After too many years of lackluster, Tim O'Shea left OU before we could give him the boot.  (Which is a-okay with me.)  Step in Coach Groce who has assisted at OSU (that other Ohio school), Xavier, and NC State.  

We went to our first game last night and OU beat Holy Cross in a close, exciting game.  Finally, it seems OU is working on an offense.  It's not pretty, yet, but there is some strong talent out there.  Defensively, OU is quick, sneaky, and scrappy.  This will go far in the MAC.  However, they need offense, and a pure shooter.  It seems like OU has always had a player who comes off the bench and lights it up.  I haven't seen that yet.  Last night there were too many in and outs.  And missed free throws.  Jees almighty, that is frustrating.  We are up by 3 with 42 seconds left and you gotta make those free throws boys.  

OU could become quite good in the next few years.  If that happens, I hope OU can keep this guy.  It's the curse of the MAC.  We bring in these young hopefuls, they turn our teams around, and how do they reward us... by going on to bigger schools.  Enjoy it while it lasts, folks.  


Monday, December 08, 2008

What's happening.

Well, it 's been a bit of time since we last updated.  As mentioned before, the house is moving slowly now.  Which is fine.  Because our lives are plenty full.

To catch you all up...

The big blue truck we just purchased a few months ago caught on fire.  It's totaled.  The dash and bench seat are a blackened charred mess.  The engine may be okay, so Kent is researching the next move.  Replace the cab?  Put the engine in something else?  Buy a whole new old truck? Buy a whole new newer truck? So many possibilities.

We went to South Carolina for Thanksgiving.  It was a good time until we tried to drive home.  Note to self.  Don't ever try to drive anywhere the Sunday after Thanksgiving.  

Now it's preparation time for Christmas.  I hope you all get what you want.