Thursday, June 18, 2009

Things I Like

Oprah does something like this in her magazine, but I don't think she has a patent on the idea. 

Things I am enjoying right now:

Homemade Granola: Thanks Mike for this lovely idea. I throw some in the oven when I am making something else. Using the energy to the max. Plus it's cheap and easy and delish.

Gocce vinegar: Jeff brought this back from Brindisi and it is divine. I never thought a vinegar would make an impact on me, but let's just say this is one more reason the Italians are the best in the world when it comes to food. (Sorry, France, India, and anyone else who may disagree)

A handful of raspberries fresh from my yard: These vines are compliments of Molly and Jason. They gave me the canes last year and already this year they are out of control. I may need to move them once the house is done, though, I didn't know that they would get so tall and gangly. 

To add to the berry frenzy, I have also been picking mulberries from various trees in the city. I made a cobbler and mulberry scones last week. 

I just realized that all my favorites things are food, so let's add a non food item. 

Weeding and mulching the ArtsWest flower garden. I normally don't weed my own garden but when a neighbor asked if I wanted to help, I said yes. ArtsWest is a city run arts center that is on the west side. The city dug up a space last year and planted a bunch of perennials, but there hasn't been much else done to it. So we picked up the slack, pulled the weeds and began mulching. I even planted a few of my own ground cover plants to hopefully prevent weeds in the future. 

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linda gromen said...

That's my Lori- making the world a better place.

I thought I was the only one who ate mulberries.