Wednesday, June 06, 2007


So again, we are at the end of another school year. In Athens, that means we say goodbye to friends and teammates. This year we are seeing a large number of graduates. An especially noteable one is Adrienne, or shall I say Dr. Fehr. Yep, we have another doctor among us. Congratulations A, we are very proud of you. I remember when she first showed up on the frisbee field. I forget who brought her out, but I do remember her saying she was going to swim for OU, and I thought, damn it, that means we'll lose her to that. Now Adrienne is a tall athletic young woman and of course would be a total asset to the ultimate team. Lucky for us, she didn't get along with the swim coach (or something like that) and stayed in the ultimate arena. We've watched her grow from freshman year through med school. Now, she'll be off to North Carolina for her residency. Good luck Adrienne.

Other noteables leaving this year are Oli and Drew. Oli is getting his Ph.D in chemistry and is moving to England (as well as getting married this fall). Drew is getting his masters in counseling and moving to Colorado. Both have been in Athens a long time and we've enjoyed seeing them out on the field.

As for everyone else who may be reading this and is leaving Athens, good luck in your endeavors. Kent and I will likely be here so look us up when you come back for a visit.

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