Sunday, July 01, 2007

Back in B-town

Our first morning in Brindisi was Friday, though it was not our first morning in Italy. On Thursday, we saw the sun rise in Bologna. My 300 euro mistake landed us there, no wait, my 300 euro mistake got us to Treviso near Venice and then we took a train to Bologna to catch another train to Brindisi. That midnight train was an hour and a half late, so we missed the transfer. That meant we had to wait until 9 am to catch the next train. The only consolation was that we now rode on the express train. It only stops every so often instead of in every town. The missed train, also meant we got to see Bologna come alive with the sun. We had breakfast at a coffee bar and admired some leaning towers. You may have thought that only Pisa had leaning towers, well, I am hear to tell you that Bologna is home to at least one as well. Jeff later informed us that the leading families of the time (15th century maybe?) would build towers and they would all try to out do each other making them bigger and bigger. Then they started to fall over and the practice was stopped. Good idea!

We met a nice gent on the train named Eugenio. He was a runner and recognized our physique as fellow runners. That and the Asics running shoes we had on. And so a 3 hour conversation began. He was a very genuine fellow and we had fun filling a piece of paper up with maps and drawings.

E. got off at Pescara and we quickly fell asleep. I would occasionally wake up and see familiar towns, Trani, Malfetta, Bari. Now I knew we were getting close. Once in Brindisi, we walked down to Jeff’s and he greeted us at the door. Good timing, as he just got home.

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