Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Floor

I mentioned the layers of ceilings in the last post, well this post will focus on the floor. Apparently it was even easier to keep adding to the floor than the ceiling. Let's start with the top. 

When we bought this house 11 years ago from two sisters that inherited the place from their aunt.  One of the sisters lived here with her many cats and smoking habit.  The place was wall to wall green carpet that we ripped out immediately.  All of the rooms had wood floors except this middle room.  It had a tile down that looked like too much to tackle at the time.  (Keep in mind that we stripped, washed and painted every surface of this small house in a month, so that we could move in.)  We decided to carpet this one room in the house and get on with our lives. (My goodness, it was May, and we had Ultimate to play.)

But after Sunday's madness, this carpet needed to go.  It was looking bad to begin with, and the mess we made didn't help. So I tore that out pretty easily.  Then came the next layer.  That tile I mentioned earlier.  Under the tile was a subflooring material.  We used a spudbar, many crowbars, and hammers to pry it all up together.

Here is Kent using the spud bar.  

Under that subflooring was a laminate floor with a diamond design.  The ironic thing about this particular layer is that it matches the cream and green walls in this room.  Too bad it's full of holes from the nails.  And it's slippery as hell.  Easy to clean though.

Next we have the crazy flower laminate.  It doesn't go wall to wall but they put down a wood laminate along the edges to cover up the real wood floor beneath that.

Here the flower stuff is rolled up to expose the real tongue and groove wood (some is painted) underneath.  You can see the fake wood on the edges of the room.  

If that's not enough, there is another layer of wood flooring beneath.  Both of these wood layers are about an inch thick each.  Which would make our house feel normal.

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