Sunday, February 04, 2007

Stroud's Run

Kent and I went for a hike at Stroud's today. We did the hike that goes from one end of the campground to the other. It's nice because you climb up to the ridge at the beginning (that gets you warmed up) and then you walk along the ridge for about a mile and then it's down again. There is a great overlook of the lake, too.
Group photo.

Pretty creek shot on the hike. Can you see us?

Along the way...

Strouds Run is a State Park about 5 miles from our house. It's not well kept up due to cuts in the state budget, but it suits us in southeast Ohio. There are plenty of hiking trails, a beach, boat dock, and campsite, among other amenities.

In the summer, I love riding my bike out there, going for a swim, and then riding back the long way, which involves a little off roadin' on my bike. It was a great workout when I was training for the triathlon. Now the lake is frozen, so I don't recommend the swim.


Jeff said...

I've been there! And it was cold and icy like that too..

Anonymous said...

Oh, I miss the snow. Somebody heard the word "snow" somewhere, somehow today and now everyone thinks our school will be closed tomorrow. I just chuckle to myself and think, "See you tomorrow." Maybe I just jinxed us and Alabama will have a snow storm. Better run out and get my bread and milk--more likely beer and tp!