Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I am sure all of you are curious about Kent's run for office. We are 2 weeks from the primary so we are coming up on the home stretch. Kent has been walking around the neighborhood, introducing himself, talking to people, and getting to know the concerns of the west side. We hope to get signs soon, and some hang tags for doors.

There was a forum at the public library a few weeks ago that went well. Kent and his opponent answered questions from the media and public. I give props to Kent for sitting through all that. You can check out one of the articles here: http://athensmessenger.1upmonitor.com/main.asp?Search=1&ArticleID=3121&SectionID=3&SubSectionID=&S=1

or see the Athens News article from yesterday:


On Thursday, we get to go the Democratic Party dinner. He will get a chance to speak for 2 minutes. I know what you are all thinking, Kent speak for 2 minutes and 2 minutes only. yeah yeah, we are going to have to work on that one. He CAN be concise when he wants.

Vote for KENT.

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Jeff Gromen said...

Just remember to promise the world to the voters!!!
And ugh, don't talk about the secret plans for Ultimate frisbee to takeover the world.