Friday, August 31, 2007


I do have a somewhat interesting story about jury duty. It was classic murphy's law. The prosecutor had 4 witnesses testify. One was a deputy sheriff. One was the victim, one was an adolescent who was a partial eyewitness, and the last was a friend of the victim who mainly testified about the victim's injuries. The defense must try to discredit these witnesses, (or at least that's about all he tried to do) The deputy had a strong case, and must people are likely to believe the cop. So he's not easy to discredit. The victim was a bartender as a shady bar in the outskirts of Athens. In trying to link the shadiness of the bar ot the shadiness of the peole who work there, the defense brought in a man who could mention this shady activity and, again, link it with the victim and therefore discredit her. Well, this guy was on disability so when the prosecutor cross-examined, she approached that subject with him.

Prosecutor: So you're on disability?
Witness: Yes
P: But you worked everyday for the owner of the bar?
P:does your disability coordinator know this?
W: Well, I didin't work every day... and I didn't get paid. I was being nice for a friend.
P: Earlier you said you worked every day...
W: Well, not everyday. I get sick alot. Part of my disability is that I get confused. I don't remember a whole lot.
P: No further questions your honor.

This witness didn't remember a whole lot about his criminal record either. So it was one of those moments similar to TV where the witness for the defense ends up making things worse.

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