Saturday, June 21, 2008

Poultry Days

Ah...Poultry Days.  Yes, I realize that I am a week late on this, but we didn't take any pictures, so there wasn't much to post.  (Yes, I'm disappointed in Kent too.)

Anyhoo, Millers Chicken was the sole representative for OU this year, and we did rather well.  We had five games on Saturday and we finished 4-1.  This was good enough to get us into the A bracket for Sunday's elimination round, where we promptly lost the first game.

But really, is that what Pdays is all about?  I think not.  It's about sitting in a circle with friends on Saturday night catching up on old times.  It's about eating chicken or lasagna or elephant ears.  It's about watching Sean go down the kiddie slide at the pool (squeak, push, squeak, push, squeak...).  

I never laugh so hard in my life than when I am around these people.  Thanks to Ultimate for giving me that opportunity.  

If I get some photos from others, I will try to post them later.

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