Sunday, August 31, 2008

Disc Golf in Vermont

Last Sunday was our first full day in Vermont and we had plans to meet up with our friend Eric.  Eric and Kent lived together in Athens, and helped spread the word of Ultimate.  Now, Eric aims his discs at those pesky metal contraptions known as baskets.  So we set off on an adventure.  With Eric, it's always an adventure...

The course was sugarbush.  Sugarbush is a ski resort for most of the year.  But looking for summer business, they turned their mountainside into a 36 hole golf course and downhill mountain bike ride of death.  (Sure, I guess, it's fun, but from the looks of the protective gear those guys were wearing, I'll stick to Athens bike path.)  One 18 hole course is at the base of the mountain.  Base meaning, you are still going up and down.  The other course is at the top of the mountain and you play downhill.  To get to the top, you can walk or take the ski lift.  Unfortunately, I didn't wear my hiking shoes, so I took the lift with Daron and Cathy.  Eric, Kent, John and the dogs walked.  

We had a blast as the course was a combo of tight throws, and open.  One hole was 1200 feet.  Of course, it was all downhill.  But still it's hard to aim downhill.  Not used to that.  Here are some photos of the day.

Here's us on the ski lift.

Eric contemplating his next shot. Btw, Eric kicked our ass.  He's pretty darn good.

Kent and I on the top of the mountain.


Anonymous said...


Tom is wearing a horrible combination of plaids. He looks like a retard, and I mean no offense to the mentally challenged when I say that.

What should I do, why do I attract men who wear ridiculous combinations of plaid.

I need your help.


Bob said...

Kent, wild to catch up with you tonight. Here's my Flickr stream: Most of the more recent stuff is film. Let's talk more, and get together. I think I'd like Lori and you'd like Amelia. Our politics seem to be in sync.

Maybe we could do a movie night over here sometime. We have one of those obnoxious big TVs. Good for looking at film.