Monday, June 30, 2008

PBS - Why YeS!!!

KB and LG here, sharing with you about that old standard...PBS.

Lo and I just finished watching the relatively new show, The History Detectives (Monday nights, following Antique Road Show).  

is a show which investigates the history and authenticity of relics and memorabilia.  It differs from Antique Road Show by concentrating on three stories, discussing information with numerous experts and gathering plenty of data...    

Tonight's show culminated with the final spot, which focused on the authenticity of a French Coin, family folklore noted, that had been allegedly shot by Annie Oakley.  The History Detectives quest was to determine if the coin had in fact been shot by Annie Oakley, and if family members currently in possession of the coin had long-lost relatives that were band members in Buffalo Bill's Wild West show.  

Lo and I were a little geeked to hear that our dear Annie was born in Ohio...Darke County...not to far from Versailles - home of Poultry Days the Festival and the Poultry Days Ultimate Frisbee tournament.

Annie Oakley was a super sure shot.  She won the heart of her soon to be husband, the sharpshooter Mr. Francis "Frank" Butler, an Irish Immigrant, when she out-shot the pants off of the expert in a traveling contest.

Her stage name Oakley, likely came from the neighborhood of Oakely Cincinnati, where Annie and her new husband lived for a short while... 

Check out the links above for more fun info... and if ya get a chance, watch an episode of the History Detectives.  Their web link has some neat can help them solve some mysteries!!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Poultry Days

Ah...Poultry Days.  Yes, I realize that I am a week late on this, but we didn't take any pictures, so there wasn't much to post.  (Yes, I'm disappointed in Kent too.)

Anyhoo, Millers Chicken was the sole representative for OU this year, and we did rather well.  We had five games on Saturday and we finished 4-1.  This was good enough to get us into the A bracket for Sunday's elimination round, where we promptly lost the first game.

But really, is that what Pdays is all about?  I think not.  It's about sitting in a circle with friends on Saturday night catching up on old times.  It's about eating chicken or lasagna or elephant ears.  It's about watching Sean go down the kiddie slide at the pool (squeak, push, squeak, push, squeak...).  

I never laugh so hard in my life than when I am around these people.  Thanks to Ultimate for giving me that opportunity.  

If I get some photos from others, I will try to post them later.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Piiigggsss innnn spaaaace

Okay, so I needed a title for the post and this came to mind.  Kent and I have Netflix now, and our latest passion is getting the old Muppet Show DVDs.  I highly recommend them.  They are still fun to watch.  Plus I can watch one episode or I can watch more.  What ever I have time for.  Sometimes, I can't stay awake for a two hour movie if we don't start it until 9 PM.  This is a good compromise.

However, Pigs in space will have to take a back seat for the time being, the Euro Cup 2008 is on.  This is the world cup of soccer for Europe, and I can watch it online.  Yep, that's right.  ESPN has brought live sports to the internet.  If I hook up the laptop to the TV then I have it on the big screen too.  The picture isn't superb, but I think it will only get better.  This is definitely postponing any cable subscription we were thinking of getting.  In case you are wondering, Italy is still in it, but Portugal may be my favorite.  They pass so well. And forget Luca Toni (forward for Italy, who is supposed to be so hot) give me Cristiano Ronaldo (forward for Portugal, ew la la!)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Another Dark and Stormy night...

Wow, for those of you in the southern Ohio region, was that a storm or what!?!

We awoke around 4 AM to intense lightening and thunder.  Winds were scary as I watched our ailanthus trees sway and creak and bend.  These are not strong trees.  We have 2 that are close to the house, but we agree that if the trees fell on the house, the house would win.  The trees are that weak.  

In the morning, we found one tree down, and a big branch.  Of course, they are both ailanthus.  The tree fell on a wire that goes from our neighbors house to ours.  The wire isn't completely down, just pulled a bit by the higher limbs of the tree.  The electricity is sporatic, in that some outlets work and others don't.  The answering machine is going haywire too.  I called the electrical company about the tree, so hopefully when they get that wire back up things will return to normal. Maybe there were some power surges last night that we weren't aware of.  Who knows.

The good thing is that the garden made it through it.  I was concerned about the high winds.  But I went out there this morning and it looked happy to receive the rain.  

On a totally different subject, here are some photos of the hiking trip we took with Kara, Ethan, and their friends in Idaho last weekend.  We went to Washington state, in a wildlife preserve.  Most of the hike was along a raging creek, although some people diverted and went up the hills to hike along the ridge.  I didn't go because all I had were chaco sandals on, but Kent did go so there are some pics from that.

Here is Rob and Mark.  Mark went to Hocking with Kara, so it was great to talk Athens, Ohio with him.

Dave, Kara, Ethan and Jason.  Here we are still in the valley.  But eventually most of the gang went up those hills in the background.

Mark, hiking on the ridgetop.

Kent and Ethan at the top of the mountain.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Wedding Bells

Kent and I traveled to northern Idaho this past weekend to celebrate the wedding of Kara and Ethan. We had a fabulous time. The weather was perfect, and the family and friends that were gathered indulged in wonderful food and good times.

The wedding was held in their yard, with the flowers blooming and the sunshine dappled hills creating delightful background. The ceremony was short and sweet with some mingling at the end. The reception was held in a park, just ripe for the spontaneous game of softball or frisbee.

Here is the happy couple framed by the flowers and hills.

The lucky lads gearing up for the walk down the aisle.

Here comes the bride...

We had a blast up there on the "altar". Ethan needed a little help with the words. That's what I am here for.

Ethan's sister, Ann, played music, while her husband, Troy, sang.  They performed a lovely rendition of "When I'm 64" by the Beatles as Kara and Ethen exited the ceremony.  I believe this photo was taken prior to the service.

As I mentioned, there was softball at the reception.  Ethan is on first base and that's his sister who almost made it to the bag before the throw.  This was a contested call, but I think Ann is out.  She had a good hit, but Ethan made the catch in time.  Ann did get on base every other time, I think.  Those Ellsworths can play ball.  Even their Dad was out there on third.  In fact it may have been him who threw it. No mercy here. 

Reed taking a swing.

mmmm cake.  This was awesome cake.  Three layers.  All different flavors.  I thought that the chocolate layer would be my favorite, but I truly enjoyed the vanilla layer with berry filling.  It was so moist.   mmmmm

 Well, that 's all for now.