Sunday, April 26, 2009

House Update

Sometimes I have to look at our photos to remind me what we did. The weeks and days are starting to run together. 

We spent the beginning of the week preparing to pour the cement floor for the entryway. That meant finishing the plumbling, leveling the graveling, and putting in the insulation. Wednesday the cement truck arrived at ten in the morning but it couldn't drive all the way back our driveway. That meant we had to use the wheelbarrow to haul it the rest of the way. Although I shouldn't say we, because I didn't do a single load. It was all Kent and PJ. Nevertheless, it only took about an hour to get all the cement we needed and all that was left was for Jim to do the finishing work. 

Here is PJ leveling the cement. There is a special name for this, but I can't remember it. Shimming or skimming, skirting?  I forget.

Thursday, finally, we had a sunny day. Kent took a day off work to get the rest of the roof up. We have had a tarp over the six foot addition of the house to keep the rain out and that hasn't been too successful. Water is a tricky thing that finds the smallest hole as a way to get into your house. Annoying. So Thursday and Friday were spent working on the roof. 

Saturday, still sunny!, we finished framing and sheathing the addition. Sunday was a sand and stain day. I didn't think it would take all day to do this, but it did. Once again, we worked until dark. We sanded the rest of the floor on the second floor and polyurethaned it. We also sanded and stained the rest of the pieces for the roof to be put up tomorrow.

This photo was taken on Saturday afternoon. It shows the second floor of the addition. It's almost completely enclosed. Windows will go in after we wrap the house with Tyvek.

More fun to come.

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