Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Bye Bye Baker

This is Baker Center, known to OU Alumni as the student center. Here you could find a friendly coffee house with open stages, a rec room with pool, ping pong and air hockey, and office and meeting space. Most importantly, there is the Baker Center Ballroom, where we had our wedding reception. Well, all this is going, going, gone... OU has built a new and improved (it has an escalator) student center. And this building will eventually we torn down. Sad. yes. Progress. I guess. These students today demand higher quality than those of yore. We were happy with a crumbling building with no A/C and heat that barely worked. It's charming. But that won't do anymore. There must be moving objects and fancy lights to awe and inspire.
This is the new Baker University Center. Notice the slightly different name. It sits at the end of South Court Street (that would be the very top left) and Bird Arena (which would be off to the right). They had the foresight to include some parking too. As mentioned before, this building will house the only escalator in Athens county. Maybe all of southeast Ohio. who knows. This picture was probably taken from the Richland Ave. bridge. I don't know because I didn't take it. But my housemate probably did. He's the university photographer. I could ask him but he's not home right now. He probably took the other photo too.

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