Thursday, November 16, 2006

College Football

What a week for college football. Some big games starting today. WV is playing Pitt tonight. That's a shout out to my friends the Prudiches (in Athens and abroad), who I know follow the Mountaineers. They were winning last I looked. yeah. Then there is OSU-Michigan this saturday. blah blah blah. That might actually be an interesting game. And of course, the OU-Akron game going on right now.

I just came home from the OU-Akron game. Oh it's still going on. I left after half time. It's a long standing tradition at Ohio. You leave after the band plays. However, OU was winning at half. In fact, if they win this game, they could go to a bowl game. The bobcats have come a long way in the past 15-20 years. I guess they're kind of good now...but I still go to watch the band.

While walking home I saw a funny sight. It was a dark and stormy night...really it was. And I turn the corner onto Rardin Ave. and there in the window is a christmas tree. All lit up and decorated. It's November 16th for crying out loud. The funny thing is, is that the jack-o-lanterns are still rotting on the front porch. Clean up from one holiday before you start the next people. So that's my rant for today.

Thanks for your time.


Straniero said...

I can't believe you still don't go to the whole game.
To me Christmas seems right around the corner. I have to finish shopping and be ready fly back on December 22!!! That's about a month away. I already have your presents so it's too late for requests...


Stacey said...

Let's gooo Mountaineers!
45-27 Over Pitt. Just in Case you're curious. And of Course O-H-I-O. Stickin it to the Roo! What a great night for football.

Anonymous said...

Marching 110. Word.

Also as mayor, you may prohibit such displays of christmas that show up too early.

And as vice-mayor, I will happily ENFORCE such rules with items such as an axe and a high-pressure garden hose.