Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Decorating Carol's Tree

We went over to Carol's house on Sunday to help decorate her tree. Every year Carol gets a pine tree from her sister's property out in the country. It started out years ago as just being a branch they might find. Then it progressed to an actual tree, but very small and spindly. (Think Charlie Brown christmas tree.) This year the tree was so big, we had to cut 12-18 inches off so that it would fit in her house. It's still kind of spindly and bare, but that's why god made lights and ornaments. And besides, asymmetry and lopsidedness give the tree some character. After struggling to get the tree straight (sort of) and standing on its own (no strings attached) we put the lights on. We then adorned the tree with strands of popcorn and silver strings before hanging the ornaments. Carol has some classic ornaments, right out of the 60's. All are originals that she found at yard sales or Goodwill stores. All the hard work added up as the tree looked festive by nights end.

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