Monday, December 11, 2006

Moving and Babies

We spent this past weekend in Cleveland helping the Butlers move (part way) into their new condo. Luckily for us they saved the heavy stuff for the paid help. (To be done tomorrow) We had good weather to move, sunny (surprising for Cleveland) and in the 40's. Dorothy and Ken and Bob helped also. We had a good flow going between the five of us. Moving boxes downstairs, arranging the loft upstairs. Dorothy and Ken made some really yummy food for lunch. (thanks a bunch for the potato soup and fresh rolls.)

On Sunday we made it a baby day by visiting some friends who have recent additions to their families. Both babies were adorable. The perfect age really. Not talking back yet or running around, trying to keep up with them.

Here's a picture of Kent and his Mom in front of their old house.

This is Evelyn Kate Campbell

And this is Kylie Isabell Klein. I thought Hazel came out with a head of hair, well this one takes the cake.

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