Sunday, February 08, 2009


Good morning to all.

To clarify, I, Kent am your current dictator of prose...

I shall commence with a brief description of my immediate and current surroundings & happenings:

My wife, Lori, is on a cleaning rampage.  She completed two hours of reading assignments for her graduate studies, and is now hyper-vigilant about restoring the old-house to sanity.  Many of you readers in cyberspace have likely experienced such encounters in your own home.  It can be awe inspiring as well as frightening.   

Side note:
If humankind could harness the energy and curiosity of two-year olds, or the attitude and lethargy of tv-watching- video-game-playing teenagers, or the vigor and reckless abandon of a spouse on a cleaning spree....WE would not have to worry about an ENERGY crisis. 

I tried to be helpful, but was kindly informed otherwise.  My fear is that something of mine will be lost forever, if I don't act assertively.  

On other notes:  The weather is favorable.  For what, you might ask.  Good question.  It is in 50's and yesterday morning it was near 60 F.  I spent some time cutting up firewood with my hand-me-down chain-saw.  I inherited the Sears Craftsman saw from my father when my folks "down-sized" to Condo living. 

Observation: Parents are often wiser than we kids want to give them credit for.  I hate to admit it...but ego-centric thought is so self-serving, but often blind.  For example, I imagine that as recent as a few years ago, if my father would have asked me if I wanted a chain-saw, I would have likely replied with a quizzical, defiant, and "what would I do with that thing" response.  Now I find myself looking at expensive, fancy chain-saws at the hardware store.  I even received a tutorial from my neighbor, who enlightened me as to the proper methods of sharpening my chain, by hand.  Follow the proper safety measures, and cutting up wood can be a somewhat pleasant meditative exercise.  

The chain-saw is helpful, because our new house will be supplemented with heat derived from a wood stove.  Collection of wood began this summer, and the recent ice storm has led to a few more favorable leads.  BTU's.   

Another example of parental wisdom which I should share with you, entails my haughty youthful arrogance.  I recall my parents efforts to ensure some civility in me when they graciously offered to aide me in the purchase of a couple of formal dress suits.  At the time, I was enrolled at the University, studying art and photography.  I was of the mind set that my time and efforts were in the studio, getting dirty...not in the realm of suit-and-tie. 

 A-HA, you might say, knowing my current predicament in life and the world of playing grown-up.  Yes, yes - I should have taken my parents up on their offer.  A good suit comes in handy for many occasions.  It can be wise to error on the side of caution, and find one-self over dressed in a social situation.  But, it can be more awkward to find one-self under dressed...

The lesson: Listen to your parents.  They might be wiser than you think.


Owen said...

Also: Hey you kids, get off my lawn!

Big Daddy said...

See - You are finally learning; but, this still is a work in progress!!!
The Wise Old Man