Monday, February 16, 2009

My Grad Program

I am enrolled in the Environmental Studies program which is cool because it is interdisciplinary program. So I get to take classes in all different departments; geography, environmental health, even chemistry if I wanted, but I don't wanna.
My classes are super interesting, especially the sustainability and leadership class. It's small, all grad students, and there is a lot of discussion. It is getting down to crunch time though. Four papers in the next few weeks. Papers aren't as hard to research as they were 15 years ago. Now, I get online, do quick search and half the time I can read the article online. Sometimes the book is even online. It still helps to get out of the house though. 
On a lighter note, we went to ArtsWest on Saturday to see the individual Star Wars collection of a local guy. It was pretty cool. He had stuff I had never seen growing up. Whole dioramas of the Cantina, Hoth, the Ewok planet. The majority was from the 80's so it wasn't the new episode stuff. Plus we got to nerd out with other Star Wars geeks.

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