Thursday, March 22, 2007

Tale of the woeful Car, Part deuce

The Truck.

On Monday, Kent came home to a hissing sound. When he pulled into the driveway and opened his door the rear tire was losing air. He quickly found the hole but there wasn't much he could do as he watch the tire deflate.

That's two vehicles out of commission.

The next morning we changed the tire, I mean, Kent changed the tire. I watched. He got a ride to work and I brought the tire down to Appalachian Tire to get it patched. Thirty minutes and 13 bucks later, all is good and I drive out to Mo's to work for Herbal Sage, with the spare still on. I get to the intersection before her house and I hear "hisssssssss". F*ck. What is with us, do we have bad car karma or something. What did we do??? Thankfully we have AAA and I had them do the dirty work.

Kent took the spare tire down to Huddle Tire who patched it for free. (I know where I am buying my next set of tires.) It's been 2 days since we had anything go wrong with a car, but I am still going to keep to my bike and own 2 feet.

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