Saturday, March 31, 2007


Here are a few pictures of trees in my yard. We planted 3 peach trees and a cherry last May or June, so we missed the blooming part of their life. Two of the peach trees are from Big Lots and they are still alive. In fact the pink blossom is from that tree. The white blossom is from the cherry tree that we bought at Klaerfields out in Amesville.

Last night I (Lori) went to see the Royales play at Casa. It was a great show. They are an exciting band. The lead singer puts on a great show, and the horn section is outstanding. The band reminds me of the Blues Brothers, in the type of music and their style. They are super fun and I highly recommend them. The band that opened play bluegrass/country, including 2 Johnny Cash songs, so you know they got to be good.

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Jeff Gromen said...

The almond and cherry trees are blooming here too!!! Do you think you'll get fruit from this guys this year?