Saturday, November 17, 2007


Hello and happy Saturday to you all out there in tv land....uh, rather, I mean www land.

Today the Great State of Ohio can rest better. For some reason, the whole state has become enamored with OSU football. ...and today saw the Ohio State Buckeyes defeating their big ten rival, the Michigan Wolverines, better known as that "team up north".

Depending on who you talk to, there are any number of theories to explain this phenomena and love affair that the citizens of Ohio exhibit.

Theory #1: Lori's oldest brother, Keith used to live in Columbus after he graduated from Ohio University in Athens. He was never one to conform too much, often engaging in non-traditional sports such as Rugby, and Kayaking. Keith is also a good counterculture man who is well read, with an interest in Jack Kerouac, the Beat Generation, and prefers to sport a well broken in pair canvas Converse All-Star tennis shoes. So, Keith's theory is that there must be something in the water of the city of Columbus, Ohio...because he found himself drawn into to the OSU Buckeye nation Vortex. People at work talk incessantly about OSU's in the papers, on the radio, www, etc. If you live in Columbus, you can't escape the grip.

Theory #2: For the longest time, there were no other professional teams in Columbus, thus leaving the door wide open for OSU to soak in the spotlight. Columbus now has a professional hockey team and arena football ? I think.

Theory#3: People from Ohio, especially Cleveland and Cincinnati, are starved for a winner. Cleveland has a strong history of football, the Browns and it's famed running back Jim Brown won numerous championships...before the merger. The Cavs and the Indians have come close, but no cigar. Cincinnati has a pro football team that managed to make it to the superbowl, but alas....losers in the end. So, kids grow up in the state of Ohio, knowing that OSU is going to win most of its games and they have also won the national championship.

Theory#4: The proliferation of cable TV, the internet, and easy access to mass information make it easier to cheer on teams and follow them throughout the season...for better or for worse.

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skaprudich said...

hey now..not that I can disagree, but the Tribe did great this year and the Browns have a winning record!