Thursday, November 29, 2007

Tonight tonight...Weekend


It appears that we were unsuccessful in our attempts to blog daily for the month of November. Last night, Lori and I went over to a friend's house up the street and got caught up in the conversation. Upon arrival home, we neglected to blog. We spaced out. Simple. I then made a late late night entry trying to fool the clock. However, the computer/ internet thing is smarter than I gave it credit for. Thus, our entry was then thrust to today. So, I am blogging twice today, it appears.

This evening, Lori and I ventured uptown for some holiday cheer and festivities. The holiday Christmas tree was lit uptown at the court house. Vendors were pedaling free drinks, cider, hot cocoa, pie, etc and the shops remained open a little later. It was nice. I enjoyed the conversations that entailed. I was also curious about the two football games on of which was Dallas and Green Bay both 10-1 teams facing off in a titanic battle for supremacy of the NFC. Funny though...both tv markets for those respective cities were blacking out the game. Goofy.

This weekend, we will be cheering on the OU Women's volleyball team as they face off with Purdue for the first round of the NCAA trny. OU is hosting the first two rounds. Should be exciting competition.

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My Life said...

Really cool Lori and Kent!!!!!