Tuesday, November 27, 2007

November is dragging

Is it December yet? For crying out loud. Who decided to have Thanksgiving so early. I thought it was supposed to be the last thursday of November. Now, Thanksgiving is years ago and it's still November.

Okay, so maybe the month is dragging because Kent and I decided to post every day this month, and I am getting tired of blogging. You see, it's some sort of National Blogging Month, and if you post everyday, then you get a prize. I don't know what the prize is yet, but I hope it's edible. Preferably chocolate.

Do you call it blogging or posting? We say blog. "Hey hon, did you blog, today?" Not "did you post". But technically it's posting. Since that is what the icon says.


Jeff Gromen said...

Getting hard eh!

Owen said...

I think the verb "blog" is fairly general, as in, "I blog," or "I'm totally gonna blog the way you shot milk out your nose at breakfast today." "Post" is accurate, but not often used on its own. More likely you would say "post to my blog," or "post something to my blog." Just as long as you don't do it the way MySpace does it, and call a post a blog, as in "Post a new Blog." Ugh.